Brendan Small


Introduction: Brendan Small

About: I am a domestic engineer, aka. a stay at home Mom. A former science geek, scenic carpenter, and quilter.

This is my crocheted tribute to Brendan Small from the TV show Home Movies.

He is entirely made from yarn, and stuffed with fiberfill. The hair is chain crocheted, and sewn onto the head. The eyes, nose, and arms were made separately and sewn on.  The pupils are French knots, and the smile is embroidered on.
Much to my delight, he stands on his own.



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    love home movies !! NICE

    Brendan is for sale. "It's time to pay the price" of $25 :)

    It's great! It looks just like him. :-) If you start doing more of them, please make Coach McGuirk?

    YAY!!! A tribute to the best cartoon ever made!!!! Now if someone would only create the Oblongs figures!

    My ex and I nicknames each other after that loving couple, Perry and Walter. lmao. It is sooo good to see another fan! Gonna have to make this for him. can't wait to see you make any new  'Home Movies' characters!!

    thanks! I love home movie's too. My daughters call it the "silly show".
    Now they want me to make Josie, (the baby).