Brett's Buffalo Chicken Dip v3.0

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I've been working on a buffalo chicken dip for a while now, after 5 years and many batches I think I have the recipe down to a science. Before I get into the recipe I want to explain some of my ingredients and choices, this isn't your typical buffalo dip!

Most Buffalo dips I've tried are too thin and liquid to scoop, have huge chunks of chicken, or taste like mostly ranch dressing. Most of the ones that are made correctly are done in a brownie pan and after just a few minutes have a hard crust that forms making it difficult to get to the tasty dip hiding inside. My recipe attempts to solve all of these issues and more creating a consistent and thick Buffalo Chicken Dip that's perfect for dipping!

Many people also make this dip with blue cheese. If thats what you like then go for it. I have found the blue cheese to be overpowering, even just an ounce or two can overwhelm the dish with the blue cheese flavor. Not everyone likes blue cheese either, so its best to just leave it out. 

Quality and brand name ingredients help make this dip even better. Use Franks Red Hot sauce because it's consistent in flavor and balances well with the other ingredients. After the dish is done you can add a different hot sauce if you wish. I find that using Hidden Vally Ranch dressing and Philadelphia cream cheese add a specific flavor that cheaper products do not. I would highly recommend using the exact brands and sizes that are shown in the recipe. The recipe will almost completely use the entire bottle of franks etc. so its best to buy everything fresh and not just whatever you have floating around. 

With that said... lets look at the ingredients. 
KarenHilmy8 months ago

I just met Brett and had some of this incredible dip he made! Binghamton, NY will never be the same and now I have his not-so-secret and fantastic recipe. LOVE IT and THANKS. YOU GET THE CREDIT FOR THIS!

pcmofo (author)  KarenHilmy8 months ago

Glad you liked it! thanks for the comments.

KarenHilmy pcmofo8 months ago

Was fantastic.Did you do the same the previous year. I remember it too!

Looks tasty. What is the Ranch dressing? We don't get it over here in England so is there a substitute?

Ranch Dressing = mayonnaise,sour cream,chives,parsley,dill weed,garlic,onion powder,salt & pepper. Some recipes my vary on ingredients, but that's the basic idea of it

hamsammy12 months ago

Looks delicious! I'll be trying this at the first football party I get to in a few weeks.

pross81 year ago
I like to throw in some liquid smoke into mine occasionally.