Step 2: Removing The Valve

Picture of Removing The Valve
First, you need to remove the valve to make room for the jig to fit in.  It's best to depressurize the keg as much as possible with a tap. If you don't have a tap, you can also push on the valve with a screwdriver to release the pressure.  Warning: You may be covered in old beer if you try this as it will be shooting out the top.

There will be a retaining ring ( not pictured)  just under the upper lip of the opening.  You can pry this out with a small screwdriver or something similar. Grab it with a pair of pliers and get it out of that lip. 

Now it just needs to be twisted counter clockwise a few degrees to come right out.  Put your screwdriver on the tooth pictured and tap it with a hammer.  This should twist it slightly, allowing you to lift the valve right out.