Step 2: Gather Supplies: Beer Kit

Picture of Gather Supplies:  Beer Kit

One of the nice things about shopping at a local homebrew supplier is talking to the staff about the variety of beer kits they're sure to have on hand.  I'm not talking about those brew-a-beer kits they sell at Wal-Mart, rather most homebrew shops will have a folder with recipes and ingredient lists (usually priced out with a discount) on hand.  

The kits will include almost everything you need, grain, malt extract, hops, corn sugar (dextrose), and any special ingredients.  Yeast is usually a separate purchase.  Often, the kit is a clone of a popular beer available in the grocery store.  For our brew, Ted picked out something he knew I'd like--a big Northwest style IPA, heavy on the malts and hops and of course, with a high alcohol content.