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Introduction: Brian's Automated Window Blinds

Here is my entry for the Independence Contest. It's my automated window blinds that I first designed about 2 years ago and have been upgrading ever since. My goal for the prize money to buy the parts in bulk, which will let me sell them cheaper. I want everyone to have the freedom that my reliable, inexpensive, and flexible automated window blinds system has given to me and my family.

Date of birth: Removed after contest entry accepted.

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    Hello Brian,

    What is happening with your project, how far have you gone if any. Please let me know if it is in market or not.

    I most certainly would appreciate it if you reply back.

    Thank you so much and look forward to your reply (

    Hey Brian, are you selling any of the units? If you are....I am looking to get 15 of those. Thanks!

    Hey Brian, great job, let me know when the units are available to order.


    Is the kit available yet? How much?

    Thanks! I've added you to the contact list for future developments.

    I'm working on a similar design for opening & closing curtains @ a certain time of day & night but I can't think of a material that won't damage the curtains & won't break under the pressure do you have any ideas.

    Great idea & project by the way lol.

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    What kind of curtain mechanism does it use?

    They are just going to be some nice curtains that hang off of a pole above & get tied up w/ a cord & hook on the sides of the window frame.

    If they are heavy enough, you could just take up the slack in the cord. Then gravity would pull them back together. It's easier to work with drapes that have a pull cord mechanism.

    So a type of cord would be a better idea then a cable or rope? The idea of how mine is going to work is that the cable or cord will be spooled up @ a certain time of the day, & them unspooled @ a certain time of the evening. It's just as I had mentioned the pulling cord material is escaping me as to what I should use.