Picture of Brick And Rock Fireplace
This is a simple-moderate difficultly fireplace that can be made with around the yard supplies!! It may be a lot of work so be prepared! I for one think its for sure worth a morning or afternoon of work and ready by the evening for relaxation!! Good luck!

Step 1: The Location

Picture of The Location
First off you need to find a place for this to go, I chose an area that was a few feet away from our porch and away from nearby trees just to be safe!
bindustrial2 years ago
It clearly shows the brick drying fire place. Now-a-days brick making machines contains baking feature to dry the bricks easily. http://www.bennyindustries.com/products.php?id=7
itsdeeerek (author) 2 years ago
It is very safe because its deep enough for you to let it burn out by itself! Thanks for the vote!
blkhawk2 years ago
It looks safe! You got my vote!