Step 19: Damper Setup

A photo and some crude drawings to help illustrate how I setup the intake damper.

The exhaust damper is nothing more the a flat piece of steel slid over the chimney to regulate heat flow.
I also had to build a plate and firebrick partition between the fire box and grill top. I was losing too much heat and built the partitiion level with the top of the flue. That did the trick
<p>Looks great! Finally starting mine when it warms up out. Do you have a picture of the plate/firebrick partition. I'm not sure where you added it. What about forming up the grill and pouring the walls instead of using blocks? Any downfalls?</p>
<p>Just what I have been looking for. Do you have a materials list and plans?</p>
<p>Great project! I would like to reprint this in Wood-Fired Magazine. Please contact me at editor@woodfiredmag.com. </p>
very nice!
I will say that this is a great idea that could have been improved on slightly.i am a professional mason/bricklayer. The block work could have been installed with rebar to the slab better. I see that the planning was done right to a degree. The rebar that was set in the concrete slab wasn't installed in the right position.<br> The brickwork was very poorly done. Maybe a certified mason should have been hired to do the work. I guess if it is a home project it wasn't necessary . I can see it would have given you a great deal of grief!(the small slices of brick to keep it level). I don't want the average diy'er to think they can do this with ease.<br> Cuddles to you for the project overall. <br> <br>
<p>You must be an out of work brick mason to nock his work like that. I think he done a hell of a job on it. He is a professional shoe repairman not a brick mason not a carpenter not a rod buster or anything like that. He rebuilds and repairs regular and prosthetic shoe's. Lets see you repair a pair of worn out shoes or boot's. I'll bet you wouldn't even know where to start. GREAT JOB SOLELORD</p>
Yes I agree there could have been improvements.<br>I am a professional shoe repairman. Not a mason/bricklayer. <br>I am sure the entire job could have been done better. Better construction in all areas(rebar install,the very poor brickwork, the degree of planning).<br><br>The entire build was a pleasure, there was no grief at all.<br>The small slices of brick was to adjust the height, not to keep it level.<br><br>
Here's the nearly finished product. I added a 2 foot tall 4&quot; stack for more air draw and drilled a 4 inch hole on the left side of the firebox. It works better than I ever expected. Build the fire hot and fast and the smoker will sit at 215 degrees for about 2 hrs before needing more wood! I love it! Thx sole lord. Several of my friends want to build one and I sent them your link. You deserve lots of credit for my smoker/grill
<p>Thank you everyone for all your nice comments. I hope any and all projects of yours turn out like you dreamed. Stay inspired and keep sharing.</p><p>Update: I replaced the car jack with a scissor type motorcycle jack. I then went to the junk yard and found a electric window motor. Acquired a 12v motorcycle battery and solar battery tender from Harbor Freight. A two way switch. My fire basket is now operated from a switch.</p><p>I never thought posting this would have drawn the attention that it has. I just wanted to share this project was all. </p><p>Thank you very much everyone!</p>
<p>how do you attach the top lid frame to the brick?</p>
<p>It's just sitting there with a bead of caulking around it</p>
<p>MackQ , I want to thank you for your inspiration and ideas , I basically saw your design and modified and ingenewed quite a bit , but still your BBQ/smoker stared it all, this seemed to take on a design of it`s own , might have to slow down cause of cold weather, but again thanks </p>
<p>Thank you Mack! </p>
I LOVE THIS!!! I've been itching to make a masonry smoker. This looks exactly like the effect i am looking to achieve. Congratulations on uour success. You've truely inspired me. Best regards, Stormy.
<p>Thank you Stormy!</p>
<p>This is cool I'm going to build one myself</p>
<p>Hi there, Just wanted to say thanks for the great instructable...I combined a few designs that I found out there but yours was my foundation!...here's a few pics of my progress...</p>
<p>Really nice work! Did you take any special precautions installing the pipe burners? Are they propane or natural gas? I've seen wood fireplaces that have natural gas lines connected but they are removed if you want to burn wood. Nobody sells a product that burns gas and wood at the same time. I guess it has worked out for you since this thread is so old and you're still responding to posts haha. </p>
<p>very nice build! for you grates in the smoker, what did you use to bolt the rails into the brick? I heard that using steel isn't a good idea because it expands and contracts and can ruin the brick. Have you had any issues? I am almost done with my build and wanted to get your thoughts?</p>
<p>Nice pit! What is the grate size in the smoking chamber?</p>
Hoping I can convince my husband to make this for our pool deck! Great job!
Excellent. made by a professional.thanks x publishing!
<p>Nice work, thanks for sharing!</p>
<p>Stone looks better but,I am A Stone Mason,I am about to build on to make smoked deer jerky.But I got to have A 160 Deg. heat for 6 hours going to try Electrical Burner </p>
<p>do you have a material list</p>
<p>Awesome project. I am going to tackle this project! Thank you for the inspiration!</p>
<p>$1k seems a bit much; but it'll last forever and a day I gather.</p>
This thing cost $1000? Like what you built but is that cost include the concrete patio/base?
<p>wifc</p><p>I've just built your smoker I can't wait to get started. how did you season yours.</p><p>how much wood cooks for five hours. Please help</p>
<p>how much fuel did you use, to get smoker going</p>
I really like this instructable! We're building a shed right now and I think next year I'd love to try out a masonry project like this. <br> <br>A question here: when making the lintels you refer &quot;1 1/2 inch angle.&quot; What does this mean? It's not really clear to me from the pictures how one would make a lintel such as this one. I see some clamps but I can't figure out what is underneath the plywood or how it is arranged.
I was given fire brick. I want a smoker/grill. What do I need to finish?
if you were to do it over, would you use a thicker steel barrel? This is awesome! I might just use like a pulley system with steel wire instead of the jacks.
That's really nice! do you have more pics of the inside?
That's deluxe!
damn! go longhorns <br>
This is great ! Thanks for sharing I've been looking for a good design. Just one question. I don't have any suppliers near me . Do you know of a site that sells all the parts ?
Sweet job on the smoker/bbq! You have inspired me to start a smoker project. Is there anything in the firepit area that you would have done differently?
<br /> @Duval Vol: And...... Balls are &quot;COJONES&quot;. Exactly what it takes a man to start and finish such a wonderful project under a 90 degree plus scorching sun. More power to you Solelord, great sharing!
Lintel. Lentils are beans.
I think that it is awesome, I'm starting mine in a few weeks. can you tell me why you put bricks in the inside walls and floor? and can you be more specific as to how you build the lentil, I'm sorry but I have never done any mason work, but I am going to try
I am happy to say that the smoker has two pork shoulders in it right now. I will grill up some quail and veggie kabobs later.<br><br>Happy Easter!<br><br>
So there is fire brick on the bottom of the lentels? How are the door frames mounted into the brick?
Yes there is fire brick on the bottoms of the lentils. The door frames are bolted in to the block
Looks great!!!!<br><br>DO you have any problems when barbequing and smoking at the same time
No problems at all. I have done that many times.
I was wondering if there was a reason you were using hydraulic cement to fill the voids in the cinder blocks and to make the lentel instead of regular concrete
I felt that using hydraulic cement was easier. I could quickly mix the mud and it be loose enough to pour in and fill all the voids.

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