Extra wide rocket stove. I tried the smaller half brick chimney but needed a larger cooking area. Works better for me.

Step 1: Base Slab

my stove was set on a garden turf patch. I inset the slab by cutting a turf patch and ensured it was level.

Step 2: 1st Coarse of Bricks

i used 2 half bricks but you could use 2 whole on rear. Ensure snug fit around internal corners. I made grill out of corner plaster beading which i cut into 3 pieces and hammered flat for tray.

Step 3: 2nd Coarse

i used full bricks for the 2nd coarse.

Step 4: 3rd Coarse Onwards

full bricks for subsequent coarse ensuring snug fit around internal chimney. Alternate brick pattern interlace for each coarse.

Step 5: Top Stove Area

i used an old oven grill tray. for additional height offset i used ceramic tile spacers.

Step 6: Fire Her Up!

add wood above air grill . light up with paper or fire starters and burn until no smoke.

Step 7: Cook on It!

Chicken curry. Yumm.

Step 8: Rocket Oven

Heres my rocket powered oven. Its a big oven pot with aluminium trays.

Kebabs n Salmon tikka. Took about an hour in the oven . Yummy!

Step 9: Rocket Grill

Heres my rocket powered grill.
This cast iron grill cost £20 delivered from Andrew James.

This should keep direct smoke off the food. It has a flat and ribbed side. Ideal for burgers n bangers.

Have yet to try it. Will post pics when I do ☺
<p>I just built one in about 45 minutes, not counting the run to Home Depot<br> to buy expanded metal sheeting for the air grill. Word to the wise: <br>don't use galvanized metal. It off-gasses nasty stuff, so I did a little<br> research and found the recommendation for using expanded metal from a <br>group of avid barbecue guys. Much safer than what is pictured here, <br>which is zinc coated A.K.A. galvanized.</p>
<p>Too cool! Thanks! </p>
<p>Very nice! </p>

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