A few months ago, we made a Book reader powered by the BrickPi which had the ability to read pages from your Kindle. There was a huge response to the project. But what everyone really wanted was a bookreader that could read a real paper book.

Here we present to you the BrickPi Bookreader 2 which can read aloud a real book (the voice becomes a bit irritating after a while) and also turn the pages of the book (we are really proud of this).

Step 1: Background

After completing the first book reader, we really wanted to get the real book reading, and push out our example. But there was a slight problem with that. There was not a good way available for turning the pages, something which could turn the pages of a real book efficiently without missing a lot of pages.

For the first time Google failed to deliver. For almost every project out there, there is always a good place to start with. You can find all the parts of the project already implemented somewhere and after a bit of fiddling and hacking, you can can get a decent project together. But for the page turning mechanism, there was nothing that you could build easily.

We found a good post on DIY Book scanner with a cool video of a page turning mechanism but it was too much for us to build. We also found a video of the Google Book Scanner on Hackaday which is probably the best thing available, but it was an overkill.

We even thought of using the LEGO Pneumatics but settled on something else. Something we had a plenty of lying around: LEGO Blocks.

<p>Amazing, I didnt try, cause i'm just searching about ocr in raspberry pi for other application, but helped me!</p>
<p>I bet some folks would love to see a lego parts list and some more detail on the mindstorm integration...otherwise this is a great 'ible! Cool idea!!</p>

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