Wouldn't it be nice of someone read you a book aloud when you were feeling lazy to read it yourself?

Have you ever wanted to get that Kindle Book into another format, or just copy the text? Have you ever wanted to get all of your highlights or notes off your Kindle?

In this project we make an ebook reading robot with the BrickPi.

We use the BrickPi to control the LEGO Mindstorms to turn the pages, a RaspberryPi camera to take pictures of each page, and the Raspberry Pi to convert the text to speech. The result is an e-book reader that can store text, search for selected text, or read the ebook aloud to you.

Step 1: Parts Required:

<p>cool concept but i think it should have a different use. its easier to alternatively just download an audiobook instead.</p><p>perhaps you could make it work out mathematical equations. it will read the problem and give you the answer on a display? </p><p>also itd be cool to get a tutorial on how you made the lego platform </p><p>keep up the good work</p>
<p>Thanks for reaching out. We really appreciate it.</p><p>The equation solving bot would be a great fun project too. We'll put that on our to do list too. </p><p>We'll try to publish the Lego Digital Designer files which will help you to build the project.</p>
do you have an email to contact you ?

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