Step 1: Preparation Plaster Panel

Take plaster panel and soak carton

Step 2: Remove

Remove carton

Step 3: Paint

Paint plaster panel

Step 4: Draw

Draw bricks

Step 5: Finish

Good Luck
<p>What a great idea! Well done!</p>
going to use it for my next brickfilm!
Cool idea .. should work on a lerger scale to I believe. btw .. where did you get that handsome papercraft?
That's really cool, too bad the video has been removed.
Ya, really realistic! (little plaster flakes help) What was the video of?
dunno, probably of him building it.
Sorry, I was trying to ask msolek, kind of hard to ask questions from type eh?
ah, gotcha
Video already works :)
wow! nice. ... but why was your video removed :-(?

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