The Brickster LDS





Introduction: The Brickster LDS

Piece count updated! This is a powerful slingshot style gun. This beast can shoot up to 220 feet, which is farther than nearly every other knex gun on this site. This monster may look a bit strange but do not mess with it. It is insanely powerful. The trigger, bow, and track together can hold almost 100 pounds of force. It needs to too because this baby uses 16 or 32 #64 rubber bands. So basically think of this; take IAC's Heavy cannon (yes the biggest one) and transfer all of the power delivered to the extremely heavy ammo to my extremely light and compact arrow. Now do you see how this thing could actually shoot over 200 feet. Have fun and remember I am NOT liable for anything you break, anyone you hurt, or any mom you worry. Play safe and do not use this in a knex war unless you want to loose a friend. THIS HAS MAINTAINED A 5* RATING FOR MORE THAN A YEAR!!!!!Check out my homemade snow machine!

Step 1: Piece Count

Gun Piece Count


grey 1-slot- 7
grey 2-slot- 8
red- 25
green- 6
yellow- 112
white snowflake- 36
orange- 9
blue 3D- 38
purple 3D- 24


green pegs- 105
white- 142
blue- 127
yellow- 2
green/red- 46
grey- 2


small wheels- 8
y-connecters- 10
blue spacers- 32
silver spacers- 10
#64 rubberbands- 17 or 33
an extra y-connecter or blue clip


Ammo Piece count

Long Range

1 red connecter
1 gray connecter
1 orange connecter
1 yellow rod
1 green peg

Short Range

1 red connecter
1 grey connecter
1 yellow rod


1 broken red connecter
1 grey connecter
1 yellow rod

Step 2: The Trigger 1

Lets start with the hardest. It does not require any modded pieces but if you do use one it would make pulling the trigger a lot easier.

Step 3: The Trigger 2


Step 4: Bottom Track


Step 5: Upper Track

even more strength

Step 6: Mini Bow

Not really a bow but whatever

Step 7: The Arm Holder

Supports your arm

Step 8: The Rubber Bands

Make either 2 or 4 strings of 8 #64 rubber bands.

Step 9: Assembly


Step 10: Ammo

Piercing Ammo
very fast
80 foot range
very inaccurate
can pierce more layers of cardboard than ever before

Short Range Ammo
120 foot range

Long Range Ammo
a little slower
220 foot range (Max over 3 tests)
extremely accurate

Note-Tests occurred on a day with optimum weather. About 70 degrees Fahrenheit with no wind. Also, you must hold it still when you fire so it doesn't wiggle the ammo mid-flight.

Step 11: Loading and Firing

How to shoot your new gun.



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    Actually from what I have tried recently, I know that this will shoot farther than any of my crossbows, its just the rubberbands that enable it to do so.

    I know BUT because mine has no bow it is a lot stronger and mine has 2 rails instead of 1. You can't really have 32 rubber bands on it without doing that. One exception is your huge crossbow thing.

    I have a cannon that fires normal arrows and uses 20 thick rubberbands, also without bow...its all in the length of the weapon =o

    Exactly, no bow. Bows look good but you don't need them when you use rubber bands.

    My gun looks just like yours. Funny I dont remeber looking at this instructable beforehand. Oh well guess (somewhat) great minds think similar.

    I just nearly broke a block of wood (my desk) :)

    wow awesome! are you using 2 or 4 strings of rubberbands?