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Introduction: Bridal Shower Tea Party

Step 1: Invitations

For the invitations we bought blank invititations from the dollar store (yes, this was a party with a budget) and we used some tea bags we had already in the house. I sewed felt hearts on  top of the tags as a cute little touch.

Step 2: Table Decorations

On the table we had small plates, tea cups, forks, a candle, and some flowers to decorate. Everything was bought from second stores and garage sales which not only helped to keep everything cheap, but also gave the party a cute vintage mismatchy feel. When the guests arrived the food was brought out. The tea was kept on a table to the side on a small table so it wasn't in the way when the food was out.

Step 3: Decorations

To decorate we hung mason jars from the trees with candles in them. The pictures were taken before everyone got there, but as it got darker you could see the glow alot more and they looked really beautiful.

Step 4: Food

The food served was:

-tea sandwiches
-mini frittatas
-fruit kebabs
-sugar cookies
-cake pops
-mini cheesecakes

Everything was pretty easy to make, and if you type any of these into google, you will get a TON of recipes of recipes to choose from, being as they are all pretty basic things.

Step 5: Other Things

We also had conversation stones placed around the table with fun questions on them. Another thing we did was have a table set up to the side with papers with every persons names on them, so people could draw pictures, or write messages to each other or whatever, which was alot of fun.

Step 6: There You Have It!

After planning and preparing, and putting in your own ideas and creativity, you'll have a beautiful bridal shower tea party!



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    So charming and down-to-earth, yet classy!

    I especially love the mismatched chairs and teacups!

    Is that a corn crop in the background?

    2 replies

    thank you so much :)
    and it isn't corn but im not exactly sure what it is, this was held at my friends house and i never thought to ask ha

    hey ash... don't be corn-flakey... what is that crop? I must know! ;-D

    Sounds like a lovely party without too much fuss. Very well done.

    1 reply