Picture of Faux Metal Bridal Tiara
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Here's a bridal tiara you can make in a day and it will look gorgeous for your wedding day.

How to avoid a kitschy look? Polished wire and fake crystals are the key. I'm going for the minimalist look.

Also included are tips for making faux metal decorations for your tiara.

Watch the movie tutorial

Step 1: Things you need

Picture of Things you need
Fine florist's wire
Aluminium wire
Wire cutters
Long-nosed pliers
Steel wool
Paper Clay / Cold porcelain clay
Foil sticky tape (double sided sticky-tape and silver or gold aluminium foil food wrap can also be used)
Clay Shape Cutters

Polish the aluminium wire with steel wool or wet dry sand paper to give a sparkling silver finish.
csprinkle4 years ago
because it is such a delicate looking tiara, I think a fine tulle would look better than the netting you show in the picture. JMO.
Gomi Romi (author)  csprinkle4 years ago
Thanks for that thought, I never thought of it that way. The thicker tulle I used is hidden underneath the thinner tulle to add bulk.