Step 4: Step 2: Triangle Pieces

Make the triangle pieces. These will be used on both bridges. Make 11 of them.

Take the triangle pieces and connect them together. Four on each side. The remaining three will be used on Bridge B.

Lay out four popsicle sticks put two right next to each other in the middle and one on each side away from the two sticks. They should only be the length of one popsicle stick. Take one poepsicle stick and place it so it is diagonal. Then do this to the other side. Attach a popsicle stick across the whole thing to hold it together.

Now that you have the triangle pieces made put four in a row and attach them using the popsicle sticks.
<p>how long is it</p>
very good desings...triangles are a superb buliding block as the don't collapse as a square or circle or something like that do...
I agree 100%.
Nice <a href="http://www.garrettsbridges.com/category/popsicle-bridges/">popsicle stick bridges</a>. I especially like the looks of your arched bridge. Nicely done.
How many popsticks do we need
how many layers are there ? is there suppose to be 2 or 3 layers ?
expierence shows that usually the taller you make the bridge, the stronger it is...
if you don't mind me asking, what is your community? because there isn't many small society's where I'm from lol
While this is a good test of design the fixings used in the model may not have the same strength (could be higher or lower!!) that those used in a full scale "production" bridge. Also the test only accounts for static point loading, not for dynamic loading e.g. people walking across it, wind etc. In the tests you are loading the bridge deck as foundations, not the structure and it is this that fail in bridge A not the structure. I suggest that if the you were to repeat the test with bridge structure resting on the table not the bridge deck you may get different results. Just FYI my University use this same method to teach basis of bridge design to undergrads, it allows you to explore the different types of bridge through experimentation rather than just in text books and on paper.

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