Pond Bridge - How to Build a Garden Bridge or Arched Footbridge





Introduction: Pond Bridge - How to Build a Garden Bridge or Arched Footbridge

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Hello members,

I built bridge over my stream / creek. (22 feet walkway). Can be used also for pond bridge. In wood my garden bridge has a japanese style. I would like to share to you my experiment. I made a guide.. step by step with pictures. Never seen that on the internet.

Fee guide for your backyard bridge:

See ---> http://www.usa-gardening.com/bridge/pond-bridge.html

Detailed steps ---> My curved garden bridge

Page 1 --- Build the arches ---
Page 2 --- Installation of garden bridge arches ---
Page 3 --- Installation of backyard bridge pillars ---
Page 4 --- Make the japanese bridge deck ---
Page 5 --- Installation off the bridge bars railings ---
Page 6 --- Installation off pond bridge handrails railings ---
Page 7 --- Outcome and landscaping ---

Read more: All my water gardening projects

Instructions en français (french instructions): Construire un pont de jardin arqué



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    Great job! And thank u for idea about arch beams!

    Nice job with all your landscaping and other projects jardinier! Your profile photo looks particularly good.