The Bright Bike DIY Kit use retroreflective vinyl to make cycling safer by dramatically increasing your nighttime visibility. You should still use front and rear lights (as it is usually the law!) but this will increase your passive visibility (especially from the sides) and make your ride safer overall.

This instructable will help you quickly complete the application of your Pinstripe or Caterpillar Bright Bike Kit. You can order pre-cut kits here: http://www.brightthread.com.

These instructions are for a basic layout that provides even coverage and good overall visibility. We encourage people to customize as needed for their own bicycles. You can see some good examples of customized kits in this Flickr group.

The Pinstripe Kit contains 12 strips, each 22" x 1/4."

The Caterpillar Kit contains 32 1" x 4" strips, and 32 of 1/4" x 1" strips.

The DIY Kits are available in a variety of colors at http://www.brightthread.com.

Step 1: Prep

Gather your materials:
1. Cleaner and a rag/paper towel to clean your frame.
2. A knife or scissors to trim the tape to fit your frame.

Clean your bike:
Wipe down all the tubes with a rag and cleaner to make sure that the tape will adhere evenly and solidly to the frame.

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