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Hi guys I am Monika ,i made this project with Bhanupriya and Kushal in Kaggalipura makerspace. Today i will show you how to make a bright light with the help of old waste items.






5.Led light

6.Soldring gug

7.Drilling machine


9.Sand paper

Step 1: Led

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Take tow led then connect +and - terminal and solder it as shown in the image.

Step 2: Body

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Take thermocol and cut it like a square then take a sand paper then give a good finishing then make a hole for the led in front as shown in the image with the help of drilling machine then also make half hole for battery as shown in the image.

Step 3: Connection

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Take the led(which is already soldered) then connect the switch to the + terminal(1st pin) of led then take - side wire from battery then connect to the switch (2ns pin) after that now you have left 2 terminals 1 is from led and another one is from battery connect them then solder them.

Step 4: Assemble

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Now take the circuit which you made then place them to the body then place the battery in body with the help of hot glue then covet the battery with Ice cream stick as shown in the image with the help of hot glue.


Swansong (author)2016-09-08

Thanks for sharing!

monika k (author)Swansong2016-09-08

Thank you.

ElvisB8 (author)2016-09-08

Thanks for sharing

monika k (author)ElvisB82016-09-08

Thank you.

electronic_artist_ (author)2016-09-08

nice work ????? keep it up

Thank you.

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