Bright Tribal Nails





Introduction: Bright Tribal Nails

Prep your tooties for flip flop season with some trendy nail art. This design is comprised of: 1 layer bold stripes, lined with black borders, & topped off with some strokes here and there.

Step 1: Solid!

Make some solid stripes on your nail. Don't worry about imperfections.

Step 2: Watch the Borders

Now is the time to clean up the wobbly lines in between the colored stripes with a thin black line. I used a nail art brush and I found it easier when I laid the brush horizontal exactly where I wanted the line, then rotated my toe to draw a neat, straight line. After you're done, add a couple thin white lines for funsies.

Step 3: Decorate

This is where your imagination comes in. Look at each colored stripe lined by black to be a layer, and fill each layer with a different pattern using a thin brush or nail art pen. You can make zig zags, dots, or little slanted strokes.... and sit back to admire your fancy smancy tribal toes!



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These are hard to do on tiny toes and take a very long time!