Picture of Bright Wheel
How to driving a bike at night without worrying about security a low budget economic
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Step 1: Introducction / preview

Picture of Introducction / preview
One can not always allow the latest technology and innovative products either on a whim or security, but as Einstein said "In moments of crisis only
imagination is more important than knowledge."
! So all those who dream of colored lights on the wheels as I! and now can not afford them, here is a solution .....
The model in the picture is one that incorporate green blue, and white LEDs, to simplify the model will be composed of blue LEDs only.

Step 2: Summary of materials, tools and instructions

Picture of Summary of materials, tools and instructions
Materials / Price

2 x 1.5 V power supply = 3V 2€
1 double AA battery case <1 €
5 minimum cintillas to hold 0.50€
20 cm copper cable 0.80€
9 led ultra bright white or blue 1.5 €
1 resistor 18 and 1/2 < 0.20€
1 Mini Push Button Switch 0.40€
1 serving of recycled cork 0€
Total cost - (time + patience) = approx. 6.40€


- Wire stripper, cutter or scissors.
- Soldering iron and filler material (tin), silicone or other insulator

Artisan Manufacturing Procedure

- Sizing the cork support 17x3, 5 cm (approx) thickness 1.5
- Placement of the LEDs on the bracket and wiring binding by the same poles for parallel configuration
- Assemble and attach the switch with potentiometer, resistance or both if you want more versatility
- Connect the battery pack to switch terminals
- Waterproof solder joints with silicone, thermoplastic resin or retractable roofs.
- Place the set on the spokes of the bike so that it is all protected inside the spokes
- Check the illumination intensity is correct and that the placement of the batteries is as close to the hub so that no causes a numbing inertia.

Step 3: Tools

Picture of Tools
pistola silicona gluematicrx_enl.jpg
The tools needed to perform the light assembly are:
- Welder
- Cutter
- Silicone pistol
- Stripper
- Cutter