This is a appealing instruction for your happy days , party , children and celebrations . Easy , fast and attractive ! Do you like have a different egg ? No one know what is this for first time , so it's absorbing and they get attracted . Do you like have a bright eggs ?! So glow your eggs with this instruction and have delight!
You can see the GIF animation for learn more about this bright eggs .

Step 1: The tools you will need

Picture of The tools you will need
  1. 3 color LEDs  (for each egg)
  2. Lithium battery (one battery for 3 LED)
  3. An egg
  4. A few cotton
  5. Tape
MohamedB64 months ago
it wows
simple and amazing
wow they look so cute!
randomboy3 years ago
where can you get the coloured LEDs?
farzadbayan (author)  randomboy3 years ago
I bought them from a Electronic shop, there were LEDs. Diodes and everything about Electronic!
sunshiine4 years ago
I love the eggs! Kewl idea!
hexinverter4 years ago
Okay so who's going to make a mini Atmel controlled RGB version of this? :D
mary candy4 years ago
nice eggs!
jehan601884 years ago
perhaps a smaller battery, or a really clean break/cut would help keep/reassamble the whole shell?
farzadbayan (author)  jehan601884 years ago
Yes , if you break/cut really clean , it can help much to keep/reassemble the whole shell .
rimar20005 years ago
Nice! How many hours lasts the battery?
It will vary greatly on battery and LED. You'll get an good night out of them for sure. The next day I find you'll only get red as the battery is dying.
x_lovely5 years ago
This looks really cool i'm so going to try it :)
farzadbayan (author)  x_lovely5 years ago
Thanks , send your bright eggs picture to me , if you like !
ChrysN5 years ago
They are really beautiful!
Uncle Kudzu5 years ago