Bright Eggs





Introduction: Bright Eggs

This is a appealing instruction for your happy days , party , children and celebrations . Easy , fast and attractive ! Do you like have a different egg ? No one know what is this for first time , so it's absorbing and they get attracted . Do you like have a bright eggs ?! So glow your eggs with this instruction and have delight!
You can see the GIF animation for learn more about this bright eggs .

Step 1: The Tools You Will Need

  1. 3 color LEDs  (for each egg)
  2. Lithium battery (one battery for 3 LED)
  3. An egg
  4. A few cotton
  5. Tape

Step 2: Prepare the Egg

  • Rotate the egg and cleave a small hole on it .
  • Unload the egg in a glass or plate .
  • Wash and clean the egg and dry it .

Step 3: Put the LEDs

Connect 3 LEDs to the battery and stick them with tape .
Put the LEDs in to the egg thru the hole .
Put a few cotton on the hole for wearing .

Step 4: Dark the Environment !

Turn-off the environment lamps and enjoy from your bright egg ! For more beauty you can make more bright eggs and have more delight .
Do you like eat this eggs ?!



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it wows
simple and amazing

where can you get the coloured LEDs?

I bought them from a Electronic shop, there were LEDs. Diodes and everything about Electronic!

I love the eggs! Kewl idea!

Okay so who's going to make a mini Atmel controlled RGB version of this? :D

perhaps a smaller battery, or a really clean break/cut would help keep/reassamble the whole shell?

Yes , if you break/cut really clean , it can help much to keep/reassemble the whole shell .

Nice! How many hours lasts the battery?