Brighten and Whiten Your Nails





Introduction: Brighten and Whiten Your Nails

F your nails are discolored and dingy from a previous nail polish, use this solution

Step 1: Materials

Lemon juice

Baking soda


Nail buffer

Step 2: Steps

Mix equal parts of lemon and baking soda in a bowl
Apply solution to your nails and let it sit for five minutes
Wipe off paste and wash hands
Buff your nails to restore shine with nail buffer

Step 3: Results

After washing hands, use a hand moisturizer



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    such a great idea expecially since im wearing dark colours for fall

    I used to buff my nails all the time instead of using nail polish. It works great, and it's a lot cheaper and longer lasting. It also makes your nail polish look much better if you do use it. I never tried using baking soda and lemon to whiten first but sounds like a great idea.

    I really could have used it when I was working. My nails used to get so discoloured from doing food prep, I was constantly scrubbing with a brush but no matter how clean I got them they just never looked clean. I will have to try it on my toe nails too. They could do with some whitening. Thanks for the tip. :-)