Step 4: Turn the Arms Right-side Out

Take one of the sewn arms, and put your closed hemostats inside. Open the hemostats and carefully lock them onto the fabric at the paw end of the arm. Gently pull the hemostats back through the opening so that the arm turns right side out. You may need to use the hemostats on the shoulder end also.

If you pull too hard, your hemostats may slip off the fabric and pull off some of the fur, so be careful.

Use the handle of a crochet hook (or similar) to push on the inside of the seams at the paw and shoulder, making sure it's completely turned right side out.

Do the same for the second arm.
What beautiful work, and wonderfully clear instructions as well! I want to make a tiny posable teddy bear and this is the most helpful instructable I've found so far - thanks to you I'll have no problems with its body and limbs (though I'll forgo the electronics - most impressed).
Thanks!<br><br>I've been thinking of doing an instructable for a traditional teddy at some point, and I see a pocket-sized contest has just been posted, so maybe I'll do it for that.<br><br>Also, I learned how to make miniature bears from the book &quot;How to Make Enchanting Miniature Teddy Bears&quot; by Debbie Kesling. If you can find a copy, I recommend it.
I really like this, and it's brilliantly documented, it should definitely be featured.
Very good<br>I am impressed
this is awesome you should win the soft circuit contest
Thanks! Glad you liked it =)

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