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The bees are in trouble and with spring coming there is a chance to help them.

This project began with the idea of just taking some sunflowers  into the barren, concrete yard at work to attract bees; but because I had 57 seeds left over it became a bigger project to get every one around me to nurture a sunflower.

The bees have many problems but perhaps the simplest thing that we can all do to help the bees is to plant some things that they like.

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Step 1: Buying seeds

Picture of Buying seeds
Firstly, I went on Ebay and bought 60 Russian Giant seeds, they can grow to 12 feet high if they are in a sunny spot.

The guy selling them was not doing it for profit, he just grows them because he enjoys it.
kameokid1 year ago

I have been planting sunflowers for years in my yard. I like the colored ones but plant the big ones too. Giving them away isn't as easy. Some of my work friends liked them.

FriendOfHumanity (author)  kameokid1 year ago

Dear Kameokid,

I grew some dwarf red sunflowers once but conversely I prefer the fun of the tall ones.

I guess I was lucky when I was giving them away ( I didn't give people much choice; I mostly just dumped them on their doorstep) but I did find that people who were on the more elderly end of the scale and people with young children liked to receive the plants the most.

Thanks for commenting.

Thanks what a nice idea.


and of course NO PESTICIDES / HERBICDES of any kind folks !!!

Thanks for the comment.

There are a few alternatives to pesticides here.


Mielameri1 year ago
What an awesome idea! Maybe you should include something in your note about how all those fertilizers we put on lawns are a big culprit in killing the bees?
FriendOfHumanity (author)  Mielameri1 year ago

Dear Mielameri,


I couldn't find too much about lawn fertilizers killing bees ( feel free to add a link) but while looking, I found some very sad stuff about Monsanto using fertilizer that kills hives off.

I've added the link in the first step.

This is really cool! I have two large beehives and one small one.
FriendOfHumanity (author)  Wolfbane2211 year ago


How excellent to have bee hives.

jbezbo1 year ago
this is such a simple and inspiring idea, bees are so important to humanity with out them we quiet possibly starve. nice work absolutley love it cheers
FriendOfHumanity (author)  jbezbo1 year ago

Yes , it's amazing just how vital the bees are.

I'm glad that you liked it.

gator2351 year ago

Quite a wonderful idea!

FriendOfHumanity (author)  gator2351 year ago
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/_/_//`='\\_\_\ thank you.
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I am so glad you did this. Great job, great pictures.

Dear Fikjast,

Thanks for the nice comments.

Gabeuse1 year ago
I want you to be my neighbour!
FriendOfHumanity (author)  Gabeuse1 year ago

BBBZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :)

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Tex Arcana1 year ago
Fantastic! thank you for helping the bees!
FriendOfHumanity (author)  Tex Arcana1 year ago


dpinmt1 year ago
I love this, I will be starting seeds soon.
FriendOfHumanity (author)  dpinmt1 year ago

Excellent; just be careful of slugs; they seem to love munching the little seedlings.

This is a great idea but how are bees in trouble?

FriendOfHumanity (author)  knitwitcharm1 year ago


Many reasons:

Pollution, pesticides, parasites, fungi, climate change and habitat loss.

"In some areas, losses of honeybees are reported to be as high as 75 percent."

There are a few links on the first step but here is one to give you a flavour.


Kind Regards


Wow. I had no idea. I'm glad that my family has a bunch of flowers each spring that attract tons of bees. I didn't know what a big help such a simple thing can be.