Picture of Hack Your Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim Camera [Updated]
No, its not on the International Space Station....yet!  The Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim was a simple point and shoot plastic camera barely worth the few dollars it costs …..Now it is the quintessential hipster, retro, future, anarchist imaging device!  The cost has gone up in proportion with its popularity and now commands $25 to $50 for one of its many clones.  I bought mine at a thrift shop for $1.50 so I'm not too afraid to dig into it and do some modifications!


For all its cromulence, the camera is a little limited in photographic capability.  It has one shutter speed (1/125 sec), one aperture (f11), and one focal length (22mm).


In this Instructable, we’ll modify the Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim (hereafter called UWS) and give it some additional photographic control features such as:

1. Multiple Exposure Capability 

2. Variable shutter speed

3. Bulb shutter speed

4. Cable release capability

5. Tripod bushing

6. Easy open back

7. Filter Capacity

8.  Hot Shoe

Some may argue that adding additional photographic features defeats the purpose of a simple point and shoot.  I for one like to have the capability to extend my creative vision--however myopic.  The best part of these modifications is that it does not change the basic functionality of the camera.  You can just ignore the added capabilities and stick to what you know. 

And here I was so proud I flipped my Vivitar T100 lens successfully. You have humbled me. I can't wait to try out some of these ideas. Thanks for posting this!
Nano_Burger (author)  mechanolatry3 years ago
The T100 is a great camera too! I bought a bunch when American Science and Surplus was selling them for $1 each. Gave some away, made pinholes out a few and did the lens flip as well. I have one in the box and have contemplated giving it my Instructables treatment (bulb, multiple exposure, etc). It would really just be pulling individual mods from around the internet and consolidating them in one spot.

It would be even easier since it already has a hotshoe and tripod socket. Not sure there is a huge demand for this type of information, but I have not let that stop me before!
TrevorC4 years ago
This is blowing my mind. Great work & fun to see someone doing so much to that little camera. Next time I'm with some film friends I'm going to bring this up.
Nano_Burger (author)  TrevorC4 years ago
Cutting up this camera is a lot easier to contenplate than putting my ETRSi under the knife. There is a Flickr group dedicated to this camera...always great ultra-wide photos to see and a lot of like minded folks!