Brighten up your favorite tunes with colored flashing LEDs! Ultra bright 5mm LEDs, red, blue, and yellow, respond to bass, middle, and treble frequencies for a dazzling audio/ visual show.

Watch it in action here!

If you want to build your own LED Color Organ there is a kit with a customized PCB, already labeled with all component placements.

Finally, check out the Jameco Workshop for full instructional video and helpful tips for the build.


Step 1: ICs U1 and U2

Take note of the orientation of the ICs and IC sockets by looking at the notch and matching the notch of the IC to the notch of the PCB.
<strong>Note to Beginners Who are Interested in this Build:</strong><br> &bull; Test the kit on the breadboard before soldering&mdash;it&rsquo;s easy to get confused if you never soldered a circuit before.<br> &bull; If you never soldered before, don&rsquo;t start this project a week before it&rsquo;s due (if you&rsquo;re doing this for a class)<br> &bull; This kit is a great transitional kit for beginners who want to build an analog LED organ circuit before building one with arduino/flora<br> &bull; On the image sample of the audio jack, &ldquo;ground&rdquo; refers to &ldquo;channel&rdquo;

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