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In this Instructable, you will learn how to paint a Nerf gun to look like it came straight out of Brink (Video Game). Just Incase you're a video person, I have a video posted on my YouTube channel (Which you should totally subscribe to).

Step 1:

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first what you'll want to do is select the gun from Brink that looks the most like your Nerf gun. I chose the Euston AR for the Nerf Retaliator.

Step 2:

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Next, you'll have to choose your side; Resistance OR Security. I had to do Resistance because I was doing this for my brother. He like Resistance... but I disagree, GO SECURITY!!!

Step 3:

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Okay then, first I decided to take it apart and give the entire thing a coat of flat black.

Step 4:

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Then, I gave it the sloppiest paint job imaginable... which is the point because it's the resistance. I just randomly sprayed on Orange, Green, and Red. I achieved the "speckled' look by just barely holding down the nozzle on the green.

Step 5:

So anyway, I hope you found this useful. FOR THE AARRKK!!!!


gamer1504 (author)2014-01-07

I luv brink


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