Step 3: Step Three: Refrigerate!

2 hours later...
Deflate dough by lifting a section, and letting it fall back into bowl. Cover tightly with plastic wrap and chill 4 to 6 hours in the fridge!
When this time has passed, your dough is ready to be used!

How long will this last after I bake it?
OK.. there HAS to be a Mistype.. only 1/3 cup of milk does NOT make a Sponge.. now it its a 1 1/3 cups.. then yes.. that makes a sponge... Can you please Verify that this is correct?? thanks
hi very good recipe me 2 i love bread ,can i use wholewheat flour and how much should i use or is the same amount as regular flour thanx
very good recipe i just took mine out of the oven excellent recipe thank you
great! I just left it over night, and baked it in the morning, and its definetlythe best bread I've baked so far! Thank You!
would it be fine to leave it around longer if you didnt have time to get around and use it?<br>
Yes, you can put it in the fridge and leave it there for a couple of days if you don't need it right away!
I tried it with apples as in an apple strudel and was deliciious. Following your instructions made a perfect bread. My wife, who is my best critic, enjoyed both the bread and the &quot;strudel&quot;
It's possible to translate to italian language i'am Italian Puglia Region.<br>Thanks in advance
Excellent. Going to give it a try tomorrow. Thanks for the post.

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