Picture of Bristle Bot 2.0
This is my latest bristle bot. When designing, I ran into a problem. I had no bristled surface bigger than a toothbrush! So I imprevised. I used three toothbrush heads instead of the usual one.

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You will need:

1-Bamboo Skewer
1-Gift Card

1-Vibrating Motor
2-AAA's (I started off with AA's, but they were too heavy so I switched)

1-Hot Glue Gun
And a Boatload of Hot Glue
1-Wire Strippers/Cutters

Step 2: Making the Frame

Picture of Making the Frame
First, cut the heads of all three toothbrushes.

Then trim the bamboo skewer into three pieces that will make a triangular frame.

Finally, hot glue it all down.

Step 3: Add the Platform

Picture of Add the Platform
Flip the frame over onto its back. Then trace its outline onto a used gift card. Cut it out and test it to see how it fits onto the frame. If it fits, hot glue it on. Save your scraps from the gift card though, because you will need it for the next step.

Step 4: Attaching the Motor & Testing it Out

Picture of Attaching the Motor & Testing it Out
Use the scraps to attach the motor so it is standing upright in the center of the platform. It is a little tricky, so be patient.

Then rubberband the batteries to the bottom and use alligator clips to start 'er up! When it works, take the rubberband and alligator clips off.

Step 5: Finish it up!

Picture of Finish it up!
For the last time, hot glue the batteries to the bottom of the frame. It should stay just off of the ground. If it doesn't, get a new battery case. Then trim up the wires and add a switch.

Step 6: Celebrate!

Picture of Celebrate!
Enjoy your new bristle bot! 

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dhanveetech4 years ago
i have all the equipment for the robot except the vibrating you have an idea where i can find it?and can i use more than 3 toothbrush heads?do i have the option to not use the bamboo skewer?

please reply as soon as possible.
thank you for your time
You can make a vibrator by using a Propeller !!..... But you have to cut the half of it so if the motor works, it will vibrate then the bristle will also work.
is there a motor without the extra weight?
schoonovermr (author)  dhanveetech4 years ago
nope, just the vibrating one.
schoonovermr (author)  dhanveetech4 years ago
hi, to answer your questions:

1. you can find vibrating motors at radioshack or make them yourself by glueing a small weight to the shaft of the motor
2. you can probably use as many toothbrush heads as you like (i don't know for sure because i have never tried more than 3)
3.I am sure just using the gift card instead of the skewers AND the gift card will work fine.

thanks for checking this out, hope it helped.
coniosis112 years ago
I think Its better if you will put a Wheel in every corners of that instructables. So if that was Blocked , it will turn around till it find a way .. :))
hfreeborn3 years ago
it's peanut butter jelly time! xD
sahiltech4 years ago
I had a question about the materials needed for the Bristle Bot 2.0.
Where would you get the hot glue gun and why is it needed. Why wouldn't simple glue work too?
And also why is the Bamboo Skewer needed?
For the batteries where do we place them?

Please reply as soon as possible!
schoonovermr (author)  sahiltech4 years ago
hi, you can buy a hot glue gun at hobby lobby, wal mart, or pretty much any craft store. it dries quickly, so that's why i used it.

the bamboo skewer is not completly neseccary, my ideas evolved a lot so thats why they are there.

and the batteries are underneath.

Hope that helped.
How will I get the items fixed together?
schoonovermr (author)  sahiltech4 years ago
which ones?
all of them.
schoonovermr (author)  sahiltech4 years ago
hot glue or super glue.
sahiltech4 years ago
My mini-vibration motor is not working , even when I put only 2 aa
maybe the battery supply is too much. try 1.
how did you make it move. How many batteries did you put and what type's?
Sarah Soos4 years ago
whydo i need switch ? & how can i fix it ? ty
schoonovermr (author)  Sarah Soos4 years ago
you need a switch to turn it on and off whenever you want and easily. I guess you don't have to have a switch. you just needs to attach the two negative wires together. hope that helps.
Yes, thanks a lot. However, Excuse me; I have another question: I got the materials, made the frame, added the platform, Attached the motor and tested it out but the brushes didn't move. What makes them move when the motor is turned on? I fixed a wheel instead of one of the brushes, but I was wondering how the brushes are supposed to move. (: Thank you, again~ and sorry for being long "shy"
schoonovermr (author)  Sarah Soos4 years ago
no problem, happy to help. the motor has an offset weight attached to it. i bought it like that, but you can make your own if you want to. the vibrating motion from the offset weight vibrates the bristles, causing it to randomly move.
hi remember me ?
dhanveetech. i finished the project.
really cool Dhanvee. How did you get it to move with the mini-vibrating motor?
schoonovermr (author)  dhanveetech4 years ago
awesome, post some pics
dhanveetech4 years ago
where did u get that?