This is a variation of the now common bristle bot. It is a bit bigger, using 3 AA batteries and the vibration motor from a PS2 game controller

Step 1: Materials and Tools Needed

For materials, you need:
- 4 identical toothbrushes
- A three-position AA battery holder
- 3 AA batteries
- A dead or unneeded PS2 Controller or similar
- A SPST switch
- A bit of extra wire, 24g insulated (possible)

I got my toothbrushes for $1 US at, where else, the dollar store. The batteries and holder were sitting around. The PS2 controller I bought simply to take apart anyway. The switch is from my parts cabinet.

The tools needed are the basic builder stuff:
- soldering iron
- hot glue gun (with glue)
- wire cutters
- wire strippers
- you may need a file to clean the contacts of the battery holder
This bristle bot motor <a href="http://ebluar.com/video-games/ps2-accessories/ps2-controllers.html" rel="nofollow">ps2 controller</a> is elegant and compact to use. AA batteries are used very effectively.
Good instructable......but gee whiz, that might be the shortest video in the history of Youtube!!
Hi there, do you have the datasheet of this dc motor?
could you use a different on/off switch, just make it so it goes when you plug the battery and get rid of the switch all together?
Sure, no worries mate.
i used a reed switchso when it detects a magnet it moves so i put a magnet on my ring and amazed mi frineds thanks ps.would it be ok if i made a few of these to sell?
just do it, when will he find out? lool
Hi - not my permission to give. Send an email to evil mad scientist, he thought of them first
that should work as long its connected directly to the batterys
i'm looking into purchasing a top-of-the-line hot glue gun, can anyone recommend one? I bought a martha stewart brand one a few years ago but it was a piece of crapola.
Check out the Dremel 1200-01 Hot glue gun. Has two temps, a flattened handle, and a silicone guard over the nozzle to prevent burns to your hands, plastic you are gluing, or worse: the power cord. Oh, and it also has an on/off switch. A feature absolutely essential in a glue gun, but missing in every glue gun I have ever purchased before, including the $30 one I bought not too long ago.
Really missing an on/off switch? Never, heard of that...
hahahah omg man fooo a on and off buttton omg thats new lol i almost cryied
naw fooo u dont get it i was kinda hyper at the time 2
You could use two moters and have one doing up/down and the other doing left/right. Make a ball of brushes and put the moters into the middle. Watch it roll...
true very true6
hmmm you could make scrathy bot with a bunch of wire brushes, a pokey bot with an old heatsink and a stabby bot from a bunch of exacto knife of similar blades...
... very very true
oops sorrey
I'm sorry i found the problem there was a piece of a paper clip thatwas sticking out of the moader area probably from my evil yongest brother
Nooooo, you beat me to it! I was going to make this, but much smaller, but <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.evilmadscientist.com/article.php/bristlebot">here's the link.</a><br/>
No, <strong>I</strong> was going to make it - I've even been out and bought a new toothbrush with bristles at just the right angle!<br/>
:P Okay. :-)
post yours anyways, it's different and already fully documented
I have to make a few of these things when I can find the parts. Could you imagen a troop of these things scrubbing your floors? Heh, lets try this with a bigger brush now. ;) Lets see how big we can get them.
you could also do this with the motor from the rumble packs from the old nintendo 64's.i got two of 'em. should i make a double power bristle bot or should i just make two?
make two and race 'em!
i think i could put this to use around my house... spray some cleaner in the bathtub and put 'er in.
Lolz, for some reason I could see this chasing me down a dark alley at night :P
I was thinking of the pool cleaner bots.
Guess you could use a waterproof case for the motor and some weight and have the battery pack on a long wire. Let it bounce around the bottom of a pool.
That is a good idea. Li+ batteries would be good. Simply drop a few bots in the pool at night, take them out the next day and put them in a charging dock.
ya but the problem with that is that all the bots on the showlo end will jus6t vibrate to the depest point (the deep end)
i just did the same thing but with an old xbox controller.

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