This Instructable will show you how to make a broadhead blowgun darts.
It is a easy and cheap alternative to buying darts for your blowgun.
The Darts have razor sharp edges which can easily slice through flesh an bones.

Step 1: You Will Need

For this project you will need:
A Hammer
Strong wire clippers
A file
A fine file or sand paper
A strong surface 

Wire clothes hanger
Electrical tape
Clear plastic folder

You will also need your blowpipe.

Hi, many thanks for the Instructable. I am planning to make a blowpipe, but also wanted to disguise it somewhat as a walking staff. I notice that in your pictures you have a blowpipe with the tail and 'flick-knife' attachment. I am not sure at the moment whether to use PVC, Copper or even some Curtain Pole (we don't appear to use electrical conduit here in Bulgaria), but the material depends on strength and weight if it is going to also be a walking staff. I would be very pleased to see an Instructable of what you made in the photograph. Many thanks
Thanks lots i am planning on doing a instructable on my blowpipe but i was also planing on doing a instructable on a blow pipe walking stick. <br>if you could clarify what sort of walking stick (hiking,etc) and what features you would want( flick knife tail etc) that would be great . <br>i could do it to your desire! <br>thanks for commenting
Actually, to give credit, I got my ideas from a couple of posters on You Tube, One make lots of things from PVC and another guy made a walking still from copper tube, carved a mouth piece from wood, put a removable stopper on the bottom and laminated it all with wood bark!! Some work, but a great piece of work. Personally, I prefer a walking staff - quite long about to chest height and I am 6' or 1.8m tall. I was thinking of a top rest (something I could steady one arm whilst using binos) incorporating a mouth piece. I am going to look into my First Aid bag to have a look at the Mouth to Mouth piece in that to see if I could adapt it for the blowing end of the pipe. I currently use a long wooden staff and have been scratching my head for ages trying to find an aesthetic and strong way of attaching a blade when required. I had never contemplated a Switchblade (Flick Knife) until I saw your photograph. Thanks for getting back to me - good luck and I've no doubt that you'll come up with some ideas.
yes thanks for the ideas <br>i am going to make it in the next few months.
Walking STICK not STILL, but that would be a great idea also. LOL.
Good idea

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