Introduction: Broadsword MK II

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"Commander, your new ship is being built."

Step 1: Units

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These are the units of the starship.

Step 2: Cockpit Unit

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This is the cockpit. It has 2 pulsar cannons on the sides of it.

Step 3: Power Unit

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This is the power unit. It provides power to all of the starship's blasters and engines.

Step 4: Wing Units

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These are the wing units. The second one is a mirror image of the first. You will need both.

Step 5: Body Units

Picture of Body Units

These are the body units. Like the wing units, the second one is a mirror image of the first. You will need both.

Step 6: End Unit and Attachment Bracket

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These are the end unit and the attachment bracket. These help with speed and strengh.

Step 7: Build the Starship

Picture of Build the Starship

Follow these instructions carefully and the ship will be done.

Step 8: Starship Complete

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"Commander, your ship is complete."
"Finally, I can rule the UNIVERSE! MUAHAHAHAHAHA..."


Pretty boss! ;D


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