Brocado Japones





Introduction: Brocado Japones

This video explains how to make a ball of origami, can be added a wire and is a ball for Christmas



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     This is totally AWESOME! I just made one and it is SWEET!

    lawl i love it really easy nice video

    what size paper did u use cuz 8 1/2 x 11 doesnt work... =(

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    Hi! The sheet of paper has to be square. To a ball of Christmas 10 x 10 its ok. :) Nuno Santos

    Or you can make the 8 1/2x11 into an 8 1/2 by 8 /12 ;-)

    Im having a hard time making this. I used a square shape paper (8x8 inches) but it wont make a dimond shape at the end. can you list smaller size paper that could be made using this instrutions.

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    any square piece of paper can be used. I've made them out of 4x4in, and 2x2in, and even 1x1 in :D

    wow that is a variation of the Sonobe unit that ive never seen before, did you create that yourself or if you didnt who did? and by the way it looks like you used Harry Potter-esque book covers to make the model looks cool though thumbs up

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    Hi, this is a variation of the Sonobe unit, but is not mine. I use a "Zara" catalog sheet. Thanks,

    what sized paper did u us

    i made two of these out of post it notes, as you can imagine they are small:

    im kinda lost with the paper ur using

    A sonobe modul variation..absolutly exaiting!! This is really ...good and very impressive! Thanks!

    Wow i just made this and I have to say it's very impressive.

    it takes alot longer when its not pre folded

    Damn, that looks cool,except that I picked all the wrong colors, like beige and pink. . . so it looks weird. I'm gonna try again with red, orange, yellow, blue, green and purple. I feel that I should mention that this takes up 6 pieces of paper, for anyone who is ready to try. Cool instructable!

    Always greatful to see more origami how to's. Please post more.

    It looked like a square at first then at the end i saw how it was a ball. Very Cool.