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Introduction: Broken Arm Lego Accessories

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Ok, so here is the story... My boy busted his arm on the playground playing cops and robbers. He got his arm set and about a week later, got a beautiful green and black cast. As we were driving him home from school a couple days later, we had a great idea. We decided to 'accessorize' his new arm. We drove to Walmart to pick up supplies...

Step 1: Supplies...

At Walmart we bought a Lego set that had some flat pieces in it. My son has Legos, but he did not want to use any of the ones he has, since they are all Star Wars models. We also bought some waterproof epoxy putty (look for it in the automotive or the home improvement sections of the store).

We also rounded up a few accessories... A voice recorder/changer, a compass, a flashlight, a USB drive and a small box.

Step 2: How To...

Following the instructions on the putty, we mixed and kneaded the putty, and then putty-glued a large flat Lego directly on the cast. We also glued matching Lego pieces onto his accessories! Interestingly, the epoxy putty gets hot as the chemicals react and attach the Legos to the accessories and the cast.

Step 3: Final Outcome...

We let the epoxy set for a couple of hours and then tried out the accessorized cast. The Legos worked perfectly! He could not wait to take his accessories to school!

We showed his arm to mom and she said, "You did what?"

All in all, it was a fun little project and did not affect the cast and made his broken arm more fun. The doctor was able to cut off the cast as usual.

I hope you enjoyed this Instructable!



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    Oh that is just the coolest idea

    I just broke my wrist 9 months ago, still not healed. Never break thine wrist.

    And it likely never will. I broke both wrists (@ different times). Don't ask.
    One was in a cast for over a year.

    Now more than thirty years later, arthritis in both wrists. Hopefully medical practices have improved since then. It was the dark ages after all.

    Getting old ain't for sissies.

    I just had a screw put in mine. I hate casts...

    I had a radial head break in my arm. I have to go to therapy now and get xrays everyother month

    I'm 30 and have never broken a bone, or had a cavity. I rock climb, mountaineer, mountain bike, backpack, back country ski, whitewater kayak and raft, and have (and do still) work in accident-prone industries.

    Lol broke mine 5 years ago. Still not healed? Appearently so. Gotta hate when that happens. . .

    im 12 and i havent broke crap

    i'm turning 15 and i have'nt broken anything
    besides my teeth 

    yeah im 13 and my worst injury was a jammed wrist. trust me DON"T DO ANYTHING STUPID and you won't get hurt.

    not true, alot of people get injured during sports

    i jumped on a yoga ball, went 5 feet in the air, and ,trying to breaak my fall, i pointed my fist to the ground. not smart......

    my friend punched the floor and shattered his thumb and palm... that suddenly makes you look like einstein

    late, but yeah, lol... why did he punch thy floor?

    mine was a jammed pinky toe. i must be lucky :3 never evn stung by a bee otherwise

    I broke my arm wen i feel off the roof of a bouncy castle when i was like 12, and it happened on THE FIRST DAY of our 6weeks break... :P

    wait... why were you on the roof... and how did you get up there...

    The only way i can describe it is the roof was made of two 'tubular arches' if you get me. And i got up there by jumping at the corner of the walls till i got on top of them, and it all went from there :P