Step 3: Final outcome...

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We let the epoxy set for a couple of hours and then tried out the accessorized cast. The Legos worked perfectly! He could not wait to take his accessories to school!

We showed his arm to mom and she said, "You did what?"

All in all, it was a fun little project and did not affect the cast and made his broken arm more fun. The doctor was able to cut off the cast as usual.

I hope you enjoyed this Instructable!
Oh that is just the coolest idea
JMSL20095 years ago
 Have you heard about Casttoo?

It's a Tattoo Design that applies directly to the cast surface and makes a world of difference to the person who uses it.

I sent one to my cousin after ordering on their website www.casttoo.com She said it arrived within 2 days, was easy to apply and made her feel a million times better!

I highly recommend it!

hlagas6 years ago
This is a brilliant idea! My daughter has a cast up to her arm pit and her elbow is bent at a 90 degree angle. It also covers up to the first knuckle of her fingers and restricts her thumb movement, so she can only hold things between fingers. We made a couple of 'girly' accountrements, such as a small hand mirror (glued the handle to a small metal 90 degree plate first). We also bought a cheap plastic cover for her cell phone so we didn't ruin the actual phone, and she carries the phone around on her arm all the time. Works great for dialing - holds it nice and steady - and she can easily do everything with one hand. All in all, this has made a HUGE difference in her ability to be self-sufficient and at 12 years old, she really doesn't like to ask for my help. Thanks for this excellent Instructable!!
bpwagner (author)  hlagas6 years ago
Awesome! I am glad it worked for you. Post a picture if you have one! Brian