Broken Bracelet, Revisited!



Introduction: Broken Bracelet, Revisited!

What a day! went shopping with my gurls & I bought a beautiful bracelet, once I got home & tried it on, & all of a sudden one of the thousands of bracelets that compose it broke up ):
Since I sincerely like the colors & style, it was technically impossible to get rid of it, so I thought of an ingenious way to pay tribute to such a cute bracelet.

It has a wonderful aroma (:

I thought of a cute & short/glassy container, and then it came to my mind the lid of a candle that I have.

Is SO clean to show in your room or elsewhere & it is not only going to LOOK fun-tastic , but also it will have a great SMELL (:

So, you will need...
* the lid of a candle [or something else that looks like the one in the picture above] and
* your broken bracelet ._.

I Would LOVE to see or know what your container looks like! that is, which came to your mind!? Leave a comment, I promise I will read it! ;D




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