Introduction: Broken Gourd Recovery

I started out with a "birds nest gourd" that I wanted to make a bird house with. Unfortunately I knocked it off the work bench and had to put the creative side of me to work. Serendipity strikes again :-)

Step 1: Destined to Be a Bird House

The gourd was destined to be a plain and simple bird house to hang out side my house

Step 2: Oops

Clumsy me knocked it off the work bench changing its destiny forever

Step 3: Whats Inside

Cut the top off and clean up the edges

Step 4: Design the Design

Scribe some lines to contain my abundant imagination

Step 5: Pencil Sketch

Repeated wave shape worked for me

Step 6: Finalize the Design

Woodburner/Soldering irons should be part of every shop

Step 7: End Game

This step took some time and didn't get as good a documentation as it deserved. I used a Dremel tool to slowly shape the neck part of the gourd until it would fit on the side with minimal gap and then glued it in place Easy as cake.


DIY Hacks and How Tos made it! (author)2016-11-08

That looks really nice. I like how easy gourds are to decorate. I have been wanting to make a bunch of gourd flower pots to put around my house.

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