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Introduction: Broken Gear Pin Holder Fix - Lightshowtoy

Before I throw something out I do what any man or woman with tools do, take it apart.

I have not googled this or checked instructables so any solution others have I have at this writing moment not seen.

This is my story

When opening the cheap toy I see the problem. A gear is stuck between two other gears, probably this has been manufacture because when I look at one gear that is to large so to fit the other gear holder should have been smaller. Instead they broke it. The part that was missing was not inside the toy.


First I thought I would just glue the gear pin in place. Fail.

I needed some support for the pin.


A wooden plug.
2 x Drills and a drilling machine.
Superglue (I used two component glue, my feeling is that it got a better substance)
Sharp knife

End result = Perfect fit.

Step 1: Clean the Area

Usage, sharp knife.

Step 2: Wooden Plug

Take a smaller drill and drill a hole in the wooden plug.
Use a bigger drill, that's the same size as the original
gear holder and drill in the smaller hole.

Cut the plug so its the same hight as the original gear pin

Step 3: Some Vaseline, Glue, Toothpick and a Hole

Images say more than words.

Step 4: When Glue Is Dry

Gently remove your toothpick.

Use your sharp knife and cut off the glue that has run over.

If your plug is to high fix it =)

Fixing the new pin holder size.

Step 5: Done

The End



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