Picture of Broken Plastic Box? Weld it Back Together!
Typically what happens when a plastic case shatters is that it gets thrown away; a tape patch really doesn't cut it. However, if you come down to your local TechShop you can preform a sturdy repair to last through plenty of use until a replacement is found! The "welder" is basically a concentrated heat gun that is used to melt the plastic just enough to join pieces together again. All tools to perform this repair are available through a TechShop membership, specifically this was done at TechShop San Jose.

For this Project you will need:
  1. A plastic Welder
  2. A Dremel Tool w/sanding head
  3. Adjustable crescent wrench
  4. Some sort of plastic filler material (preferably same color as broken plastic)
  5. Gloves
  6. Safety Glasses
One note on filler material: It is preferable to get some sort of stock plastic that you know is safe to use from a distributor. (i.e. TAP plastics). In a pinch however it can be almost anything, just be sure to do this in a well ventilated area. For example, the filler material I used for this repair was a small disposable plastic measuring cup, roughly an oz. or 2 in size. 

Before repairing the box itself, I highly recommend practicing on some scrap plastic to lock in the techniques explained in the next few steps. If you mess up on the box itself it will makes things more difficult in the long run, rather than making it easier.
holymoses18 days ago

It doesn´t look really fused, not as it should be for successful repairing.

I guess it will not take any adequate stressing.

abstracted3 years ago
could this be done by fabbing up nozzels for the heat gun i have already?
MakerDrake (author)  abstracted3 years ago
I don't see why not as long as the heat gun can get up to temperature. The only thing I would have to say would be to make out it out of a safe material that can handle the heat. Thinking about it, it may even be possible to sculpt something out of aluminum foil.
EmcySquare3 years ago