If you look closely you can see I am even missing chunks of glass

Step 1: Supplies

1. Broken phone

2. Scotch tape

3. Knife

Step 2: Tape Your Phone

Carefully tape over the broken parts of your phone.

Don't worry you will still have full touch screen access.

Step 3: Cut Off the Extra

Be careful here

and don't forget to cut a hole for the speaker and camera.

Step 4: Good As New

Why pay a $100 when you can do it for almost nothing

If you pay proper attention to the youtube instructions and if you know what you'r doing you can also fix it yourself.
A clear screen guard will work as well and provide greater protection.
&quot;Good as new&quot; ehhh debatable. Haha<br>Good idea though. If you use the packing scotch tape I think it would work better because it doesn't have that hazy /cloudy color that the standard scotch tape has. Also it's thicker so you'd only need one piece.

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