I saw a broken USB cable that was really a flash drive for sale on Thinkgeek.com, and I thought, hay, I can make that! So I did, and here's how you do it.

Step 1: Things You Will Need.

Well, its little obvious, you need a crappy flash drive that you don't care about, and a broken USB cable. You also need a dremel or cutter thingy of some kind, and some hot glue. Here is a list if you didn't catch that.
1 crappy flash drive
1 USB cable
1 Dremel or cutter thingy
1 Hot glue gun
Hot glue

Ok! Lets get started!
ok i did the same basic thing but i used a 4 gig corsair mini... and now it wont work.... i did teh same basic stuff... but any thing i can do to fix it?
How did you open the flash drive?
well i took it apart very carefully piece by piece until i was left with a piece that looks like yours... and epoxied it in to the end and then it said sky midi...
sky midi? <br><br>how soon after you epoxied it did you try it? the epoxy might've been conductive and fried ur flash drive if you did it while it was wet
Maybe you were looking for the work &quot;difficulty&quot; instead of &quot;hardness&quot;?<br />
My god! I honestly was thinking about posting an instructable for this as soon as i saw that on thinkgeek. Every idea i have for an 'ible is always taken by someone a week or so before i actually do it. Great job though. +5.
i have that problem too&nbsp;
It's ok, i'm thinking of making an 'ible on how to make a mind shank shield so people can't steal your ideas.
Thanks! I did this the day I saw it because I knew that someone else would do it soon.
sweet. I was gonna buy the one on thinkgeek, but i guess i can just do this.
Nice work (I believe the original idea was first shown on <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.evilmadscientist.com/">Evil Mad Scientist</a>.<br/>
Thanks! Yes, but it was not only on EMS, it has been around on the Internet for so long and no one has made a how to, so I decided to! I'm using it right now at school!
nice job bro.

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