Broken Glass Candles





Introduction: Broken Glass Candles

Color changing glass candle holders.

Step 1: Supplies Needed

You will need these supplies:
-broken glass (preferably windshield type glass since it breaks more into chunks instead of shards.  I had kept two plastic shopping bags of glass when a patio table top broke)
-glass containers (available at any craft store)
-empty clear glass votive holders (I got mine at hobby lobby)
-battery operated votives (these are rechargable color changing that my friend gave to me.  they can be found here )

-work gloves to protect your fingers from glass

Step 2: Filling the Holders

1)  Fill the holders with glass.
2)  When almost fill insert empty votive holder and fill in around sides with glass
3)  I filled the bottom of my empty votives with a bit of the broken glass to make taking the rechargeable candles in and out.
4)  Insert candle upside down in votive.

5) optional: line the underside of the lid  with paper to hide the ugly candle bottom.

Step 3: Done

Now turn them on and start the show!



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    If you had a kiln, it would be cool to fuse the chunks of glass together.

    9 replies

    I would worry that fusing might kill the sharp reflecting surface facets ?


    Maybe... worth a try anyway.

    You bet if a kiln is available..... it is definitely worth a try
    Great things cannot happen without trying..
    But I wouldn't go to the windy city, just to find one :-)

    Unfortunately, I don' have access to a kiln, but someone who does should try it.

    Aww so sad :-) 
    There are a lot of artists in your area some of them may have a kiln...
    BTW I like your PVC Tough Case, has great possibilities.

    Kriste says those neat square containers are available at craft stores
    where I spend good time but never saw one like that
    She does not even list a state or country ?
    Ill have to use the plastic kind instead.

    I got mine at Michaels (near atlanta, GA), they were near the front of the store near the apothecary jars. You want prices too? I think they were 4.99, 5.99, and 7.99. (I used a 40% off coupon)  I have also seen similar ones at hobby lobby. You can also look at specialty bottle .

    Much thanks..... 
    And that stuff about re-purposing the glass table in two plastic bags...
    pure brilliance.

    Brilliant.(My family would call it hoarding if I did I hide it.)Heads up, almost impossible to fuse/slump tempered glass. Good news, tempered glass is basically the same glass shards that are used in decorative firepits...just add fuel and experiment CAUTIOUSLY. Unsure if small tempered glass containers exist.

    I do know where a few are, for sure, I just don't know their owners well enough for them to let me experiment with testing fusing glass of an unknown cone temperature in the kiln. Chipping glass off the inside of a kiln is a major pain in the butt.

    Hmm... I swear I've seen those containers somewhere. Here In California, Try Micheal's craft supplies, it's like a Walmart for art supplies. Check Walmart too for that matter, it looks like something they would have in bunches, dollar stores too.

    is there any other alternative for using votives?i don't understand how to use them. :(
    colored leds would work?

    1 reply

    yes you can use LED lights. here is a good tutorial on a similar idea.
    this one shows you how to use colored LEDs.

    U a a genius

    What a great use for broken glass - they look great. :)