Broken IPod Touch Wallet





Introduction: Broken IPod Touch Wallet

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Turn a broken iPod touch into a stylish wallet!

Step 1: Pry Open the IPod

Grab a flathead screwdriver, or something close to that. You'll need it to pry open the iPod. Work the flathead into the crack between the screen and the backing.

Tip: Use toothpicks, pencils, or something likewise to hold the screen open as you work your way around the screen.

Step 2: Pop Out LCD Screen

Using your screwdriver, pry out the LCD Screen.

**Save the screen, it serves as a great flammable. We had some fun with it!

Step 3: Gut the Interior

Now for the fun part! Use whatever you can to clear out the interior. Screwdriver, dremel, a blowtorch.... Just do it!

Step 4: Reassemble the IPod

After you've cleared out the inside, you can pop the top back on

Step 5: Insert Money

Put in some coins through the charger, or open it up and plop in some bills!

Step 6: Show It Off to Your Friends!

Be the only one in town with a iPod wallet!




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    now instead of stealing your iphone, they will steal all your money... looks cool anyway

    Just happen to have a cracked iPhone! I may try this. Good idea!

    thats different but doesn't the broken glass cause issue

    That Bringing Back Value to it XD

    You can buy the glass front on ebay for like a dollar delivered if you don't want the cracks :)

    nice! you could also super glue or hot glue a small hinge and magnet latch inside idea

    and if you're really rich you can use an iPad right?

    Now all I need is a ipod... brocken of course ;) Seriously man, this is incredible cool. I love it when people turn useless junk into great stuff. You got my vote :)

    Zo the staff: On firefox 32.0.3 the vote button ssems to be brocken, and I don't want to go back to ie for every vote, so please fix that, if you can.

    Great idea. Very clever!