After a visit from the cable repair guys i noticed water bubbling up when the sprinkler.    I ran the water on the circuit to blow out the area.  Then let it dry a bit and started to clear the hole to see what i was dealing with.

I was a bit surprised to find a 2nd line under the broken one.  Not sure what that is for.  Also found the ATT.cable to the house. 

I'd done this before, but last time i pulled up 4 ft+ of line to be able to get the ends to connect.   This time i found the extending fitting that allows you to use a smaller hole to fix this. 

This is my first, be kind.

Step 1: Need Some Tools

That is a 1" expandable fitting with a collar on it to rejoin. 

And my Ryobi 'sawz-all', pretty handy.

For anyone that hasn't done this before, its a 2 stage application. 
You wipe the purple to prime the surface of all contact areas.

Get a screwdriver, you'll need it to get the dirt plugs out of the ends of the pipes.  At least 6" shank on it.
sounds like the cable guys did some damage.

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