My 92-year old Grandma passed away this year in March.  She loved her polyester blouses!  We could not bear to throw them away; so, I decided to make flower pins out of them.  I think of her each and every time I wear or look at one.

Hope this inspires you to create your own memory flowers and remember wonderful Grandmas, Moms, Sisters, and friends - or, just make some for fun.

Step 1: Materials Needed

- 100% polyester blouse
- Circle templates cut out of cardboard measuring different circumferences as seen in image.  
   Each circle contains five "snip"  markings; - the markings for the circles vary in range from 3/4"
   for the larger circles all the way down to 3/8" for the smallest circle.  I never measure or mark
   the snip markings - I randomly snip each circle five times. 
- Sheet protectors (optional)
- Fire starter
- Pliers (not shown)
- Scissors
- Thread and needle
- Beads (not shown)
- 1 1/2" adhesive pin back (not shown)
I also recycle items most would toss, and transform it into art or a fashion piece. Great job with these, love them!
The flower is just so beautiful! What a wonderful, creative idea! You are sooooo talented!
I'm on my way to find any old clothes with poly in to start making flowers for my cards <br>Thanks
You're welcome! Have fun and good luck.
They're gorgeous. That's such a fantastic reuse, too. :)
Thank you!

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