This is my interpretation of a gingerbread cottage all decked out for the holidays!  It looks like the kind of warm, inviting place where you would curl up to the fireplace with a cup of hot cocoa and listen to some christmas carol's!
wow thats amzingley brillient fantastic well done
 Wow! That is the best gingerbread house ever!
Great gingerbread house; best one I've seen! 
 Incredibly beautiful detail throughout. I love the dormers and the piping around the windows. 
soo.. did ye eat it yet? =P best gingerbread house ive ever seen! are the trees edible? how did you make them?<br />
&nbsp;I love the use of jellybeans for the stone fireplace. &nbsp;that is awesome.&nbsp;
i absolutly love &lt;3 the icecles on the house and the tree !!!!
This is great.&nbsp; You've inspired me to try one.
Cool....I'll look forward to seeing it :)
&nbsp;breath taking
Awesome! That is the best gingerbread house I've ever seen!!<br />
&nbsp;...<br /> <br /> Wow, I think someone's going to be featured. ; )<br /> Incredible attention to detail.&nbsp;<br />
Agreed. =S<br />
Nicely done!<br />
Thank you :)
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.&nbsp; Fantastic job!<br />
Wow, That looks awesome! Great job!<br /> <br /> I'm guessing you don't have many ants over there considering all the sugary icing :-P<br />
Nicely done.&nbsp; You should turn this into a full instructable!
Wow. What a first ible! That's amazing.<br />

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