Brownie Brownstone!

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Introduction: Brownie Brownstone!

Gingerbread is not really high on my fave list, but Brownies are! Here's my answer to the Gingerbread House.
First, set the stage.
Then collect up the materials.
Chop it up and glue it back together with icing. 
Frost it. Decorate it. Sprinkle it with coconut snow.
Finally, the best part of all, watch the smiling faces!



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    that looks good

    Looks good to eat, but I don't understand the Brownstone reference - could you enlighten me?


    A Brownstone is a NYC specific (perhaps other cities too) type of terraced house.  That is, the houses are all connected, side-by-side along the street.  Marsh has shown us how to create a model village, if you will, of Brownstones, Three streets long, and about 7-8 houses wide.  

    I like the coconut snow, another, more decadent, suggestion for snow is to make a marshmallow fluff type frosting. 

     Actually, their more prominent distinguishing characteristic is that they are made of "brown stone." Here where I live they are separate and made of brown brick. Creative license.
    Marshmallow fluff? Hmmmm. I have an idea and there's still time for another submission.

    According to This Old House, you may have built some New Orleans style shotgun row houses.  For a real brownstone, you are missing the big stoop to play stickball against.  Nice effort though.

     An attempt to simulate Brooklyn-type residential buildings.