Though I have wanted to, I have yet to make a cake pop. Instead of going ahead and doing this, I decided to change it and make something different. I thought, "Brownies are awesome, why aren't they on sticks yet?" Then I thought, "I love caramel, why can't I combine the two together?" This is the result.

Note: The last step is the blooper reel of last weeks failed Brownie Pops and this weeks failures. It's all in the name of progress and learning.

Step 1: Supplies

Supplies for Brownie Pops:
  • Brownie Mix - 1 box will make anywhere from about 20 - 30 Brownie Pops depending on how big you make them.
  • Candy Melts - I only used 1 bag, but didn't have enough for all my mix (though there wasn't too much left over) I would say you will need a bag and then some from another. Not 2 bags though, unless you really coat them.
  • Jar of Caramel - I used the whole jar for maximum gooiness and awesomeness (the first time the jar was 16 oz, then 12.5 oz the second time because the store didn't have the 16 oz at the time) Also, I noticed I used two different brands of caramel, didn't notice this at the time, so I think Smuckers might just be a bit less gooey than Hershey's. I do know that it was harder to get the Smuckers out of the jar, which appears to be a good thing in this case.
  • Cookie Sticks - I meant to get lollipop sticks, but grabbed the wrong ones, but I would strongly suggest the cookie sticks because they are thicker and stronger.

Cooking Utensils:
  • Utensils to make brownies + brownie pan
  • Big bowl - to mix brownie and caramel
  • Big Wooden Spoon - to stir brownie/caramel mix
  • Many small plates or dishes of some sort that you can put in the freezer
  • Microwavable bowl - for candy melts
  • Big Spoon - for rolling balls in chocolate
  • Fork
  • Multiple of the last two just in case.

To get started, you have to bake the brownies. Follow the directions according to the package, and then let them cool. Then set them aside and forget about them for awhile.
Chocolate is my best friend and these look so delicious! The one thing I have never tried is the candy melts. Are they used to harden the chocolate or what? Do they have a flavor of any sort?
Candy melts are the chocolate. They come in a pack and look like a bunch of chocolate candies, like Hershey's kisses. You melt them and then they harden when they cool. I have only seen them in chocolate, chocolate mint, and vanilla flavoring. This is actually my first time using them, but they are really easy to use as long as you don't burn them :)
oh OK I see, it looked like they were white but that was the packaging. Do they taste good at all? I have used the magic shell but to tell you the truth it does not appeal to me that much. It almost taste oily to me. Thanks for your reply.<br>Sunshiine
Oh yeah, taste just like chocolate! That's all they are really. I don't think it was oily.
Na its not oily. I have seen some pink ones at the store, but not sure if there like strawberry. <br>
Mmmmmmm I love how you took the cake pop ideas and made it brownies! Nothing can beat brownies!
PLUS brownies form easier than cake. Trust me, I just made cake pops. XD
I wish I saw these the other day! I just made something pretty similar as part of my Christmas cookies batch! I'll have to send you what I made. Great minds think alike :)
Did you use caramel too? I just love chocolate and caramel :)
I'm not a big caramel person, so I haven't tried that, but I LOVE using mint!! It always surprises people when I add a little mint :)
Yum! These wouldn't last very long in my house. <br><br>Love that you added your blooper's. Somebody should create a page just for instructables gone wrong. I have a couple myself. :)
Me too!
I agree, bloopers are fun, and I don't want to act like I just whipped these up. It took experimenting, and failure, and having to eat a lot of brownie goo to get it right!
They look delicious. I would like to eat one with a glass of milk.
I'll make them for you the next time I am home.

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