Now that we’ve got our foundation and highlighting/contouring down, it’s time to tackle the rest of the face! In this tutorial I’ll show you how to shape and color your brows, give your cheeks the perfect rosy blush, apply mascara and false eyelashes, and line and color your lips.

Step 1: Brows

We’ve all seen incorrectly applied eyebrows before—they can make the wearer look angry or tired or appear to have that “drawn-on” look. Eyebrows are the frames to the face and, when shaped and colored correctly, can add dimension, structure, and youthfulness.

You can choose to have your brows professionally groomed at a salon by waxing, when the hair is removed by a hot wax applied to the face; threading, where the hairs are removed row by row with a knotted string; tweezing, where the hairs are removed individually with tweezers; or even permanently by lasers or electrolysis. You can also wax, thread, tweeze, or use brow razors to shape your own brows at home if you take care to thoroughly research your chosen method, purchase quality products, and take time to remove hairs one row at a time so you don’t end up with overly sparse brows.
hey. off topic but how did you get your hair that color?! love. it.
why thank you!! uhhh i think at this point i had bleached it all and then dyed it several times with adora aquamarine and indigo blue... not 100% sure though , i change it up quite frequently!
<p>My freind has that color of hair! :)</p>
I agree with denotsKO, you are beautiful. Your write-ups are fun too read too.
I'm a guy and don't wear makeup. I just wanted to say that you have a great, not made-up look that I love. You are a subtle goddess. I couldn't care less about what you are teaching, but I always have to read it anyway just so I can look at the pictures.
<p>This was really interesting. I really like how you use the brush as a guide in step 3. </p>

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