These cookies have it all! 

-Crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside
-Just perfectly sweet
-Tartness from the juice and pungent pop from the lemon peel
-Toasty caramelized sugar on top
-Will keep for a week without getting soggy (because of the way the lemon slices were prepped)
-PLUS, this cookie is a looker!

Step 1: Lemon Slicing

In order to prevent the cookies from being soggy, the lemon slices need to be boiled in sugar water first to preserve them and remove the moisture. A simple and necessary first step.

6-8 Meyer Lemons
1½ cups granulated sugar
2½ cups water

Use a sharp knife to cut the lemon slices as thin as possible; they should *just hold together. Some of the slices might break apart; this is okay, you can form them into a circle again on the cookie. If they are all breaking, try to cut them just a hair thicker so they don’t come apart.

You will need about 48 lemon slices (about 8 good ones from each lemon). I tend to always make a few extra- if you don't use them, you can always just eat them like candy!
I made a small batch just to give it a try. <br>The dough seemed really wet and sticky. <br>Maybe I'll add a pinch more flour next time. <br>Also, my lemons disintegrated in the sugar, I think I cut them too thin. <br>Finally, the torch I used was too small, I'll have to find my creme brulee torch. <br>When I get it right I'll post photos.
No wonder you won! all those meyer lemons in the garden... Now I know what to do about them! Mmmmmmmm, cant wait to try! thanks! great job, btw.
Thanks everyone!
<strong><em>They look fantastic....</em></strong>congratulations on your win, you did a great job
These sound wonderful! I must make these sometime!
Beautiful work! These cookies look delicious!!!
Mmm! Now these sound interesting :D

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